This page was last updated: June 22, 2017
IIt is the goal of  the LODI BOWMEN ARCHERY CLUB to promote archery for individuals and for families.  Archery is a family sport.  With this in mind, we wish to encourage participation in our many club activities. LODI BOWMEN ARCHERY CLUB is recognized as an innovator in it’s tournament activities. We encourage new ideas and thoughts that will enhance our sport, making it more enjoyable for all archers.  Throughout the year we have many activities for the Target Archer and Bow Hunter. Our  blue club shirts are easily recognized at many tournaments throughout the state.  Many of our Target Shooters have taken awards for World, State, National, Sectional, Regional and Senior Olympics. Many of our Bow Hunters  have been recognized by the California Bowmen  Hunters,  in the Big and Small Game programs.  LODI BOWMEN ARCHERY CLUB is a family oriented  club. Our activities include various campouts,  barbecues,  potlucks, inter-club tournaments. We have many activities at our archery range on Buena Vista Road. We have an awards banquet and officer installation in December. We work very hard to keep our range safe, groomed and clean.  Our range has a picnic area, registration booth, scoreboard and many restroom facilities, large parking area (good for parking recreational vehicles (dry camp),  tents, etc;) We will be continually improving our range and many times this means a little sweat and an occasional blister. There is a lot of camaraderie within the members and the hard work always reflects the BEST OF ALL LODI  BOWMEN.   The bond that unites our club is the SPORT OF ARCHERY, TARGET ARCHER  OR  BOWHUNTER.